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I'm posting my first proper entry because I simply can't contain my joy and excitement, I have to share it with someone. I've just booked a holiday in Crete! I'm going on August 14th with my sister. We're going to stay for a week, because I have to be back at work on th 23rd.

We'll stay in Rethymno in a very nice hotel (3,5 stars, but it had great opinions on all the websites we've checked), directly next to the beach, not in the city centre, but not too far away. The whole holiday is cheap, too.

I'm very excited, because I've never been in the south of Europe. I'm also looking forward to seeing some of the sights I've always been fascinated with, especially Knossos. We won't have time to sightsee much, but I hope we'll manage to visit at least one or two spots.

I'm afraid this whole holiday might get me hooked on travelling to the warm countries. I haven't been anywhere yet, but I'm already thinking about visiting Italy in winter. Greedy, greedy :P

Date: 2010-07-26 11:52 pm (UTC)
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This is very exciting. It's exciting that you actually posted an entry! *squee* And it's exciting that you're taking this trip. 3,5 stars are absolutely fine. A week should give you enough time to do a little sightseeing and still swim and sunbathe. I can't recall any sights from Crete. I was too young at the time. So you must report back!


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